Sunday, March 8, 2009

Memories by Bruce (Dad)

Susan was accepted for treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Susan, Justin, Janet and I went there together. After a couple of days of tests and consulting with different doctors, the course of treatment was outlined. Justin and Susan decided that Justin needed to get back to work to save his time off for later.

Susan, Janet and I moved to another hotel where we could all stay in the same suite, as Janet felt it was important that Susan not be alone. It was Susan’s turn to say our family prayer the evening before her port-a-cath was implanted. She thanked God for all the blessings that we’d seen as a family, and for the opportunity to be at Mayo Clinic. And then, in a most fitting expression of gratitude, she said, “We are thankful for this opportunity to exercise our faith in thee.” Tears came to my eyes as I understood, again, the tremendous faith that Susan possessed. She never wavered, she never doubted, she never faltered.