Thursday, February 19, 2009

'bout time

I guess it's time once again to update the blog. I've felt like I've needed to for a while now, but I kept putting it off, mostly because I have a hard time putting the last 3 months into words. Did I do my math right? Has it really only been 3 months? Longest 3 months of my life, yet still just a short time. I kinda wish I could fast forward 5 years ahead and just skip the whole process. Except for then I'd be 36 and really old! I keep myself as busy as possible. My job couldn't be any more busy, despite the economic downturn. It's kind of a good thing and a bad thing. It's nice to be able to occupy my mind for most of the day, but I could also use a break from unrealistic deadlines.

Lately I've been trying to figure out whether or not I grieve normally. I know anyone in a situation like mine would handle it differently in their own way. I've found it can hit at any time and at odd times. If you have ever seen a black lifted Tacoma swerving in the lane in front of you, I can assure you I have not started drinking because of all this :) I've read a few books, talks, and articles that were suggested to me that have been probably the most helpful. I would recommend them to all.

Book: The Message By Lance Richardson
Talk: Come What May, and Love It By Joseph B. Wirthlin
Article: Heber Q. Hale in the Spirit World

Here is a quote from the last one I really liked: "The righteous person’s birth into the world of spirits is a glorious privilege and blessing. The greatest spirits in the family of the Father have not usually been permitted to tarry longer in the flesh than to perform a certain mission; then they are called to the world of spirits where the field is greater and the workers fewer. This earthly mission may therefore be long or short as the Father wills."

For the most part I guess I'm doing fine... I know I have a lot of help and prayers.