Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Quick Update

I am trying hard to stay awake in the hopes that I'll sleep better tonight, so I'm going to try and type up a quick update :)

The port-a-cath surgery was mostly uneventful. I did get a little sick from the anesthesia medicine and that lasted through yesterday morning. It was no surprise that the incision was sore, but otherwise just fine! I so appreciated the extra encouragement and insight from people who have or currently have a port-a-cath. It eased my mind!!

The chemo has also been mostly uneventful as well (so far knock on wood!). Yesterday I was given 4 drugs over the course of about 4 hours at the hospital, and now I have a little portable pump that administers the final drug, 2.2ml an hour, so I'll be done with it tomorrow afternoon about 3 o'clock or so. My appetite is a little lacking, but other than that if all continues this well we will be on our way home this time tomorrow!!

I have been falling behind responding to letters and emails, but please know that I have received them, and I so appreciate the personal stories, advice and support. Thank you to all for helping keep my spirits up, and for the prayers I'm sure it's why the past two days have gone as smoothly as they have!


megan allen said...

I'm so glad things are going well! You are such a trooper! I wish there was more I could do for you. Make sure Justin gives you the cards we made for FHE to you when you get home. I love you so much! You are always in our prayers!!!!!

Melissa said...

Glad to hear that it went well. I think about you everyday and pray for your health to match your spirits. You amaze me Susan!

Nathan said...

Susan, we just heard from Zach about your cancer. We're praying for you! -The Nutter's

Scott Mortensen - MHA '09 said...

Keep on keepin' on! Cousin Scott

Jenny Lynn said...

We'll pray your on your way home tomorrow, that would be nothing but wonderful, I'm sure. You are such an inspiration Susan, your awesome!

hlmortensen said...

YEAH! I hear you guys are headed home! There's no place like home!
Heidi :)