Sunday, October 26, 2008

NG Tube


hlmortensen said...

Yeah! More pics! Still lookin' good, Susan! Who would have thought you would be posting a picture of yourself with a tube coming out of your nose? You are still beautiful though!!! :) Hope you are having a pretty relaxing Sunday.
Love ALways,

Jody said...

Okay, this picture tells me one of two things.

1, you're on some pretty heavy pain meds or

2, you're an absolutely amazing person because you manage to smile even in the middle of difficult trials and pain.

Maybe both? But I would guess it's the second one. :)

mauri said...

You two are so cute. I love reading the updates and knowing what is going on. I hope you are both feeling better. You would really laugh watching me ty to be able to coment. It is really pathetic how hard this is for me. I get to come see you for the 5k. I can't wait. Take care, be good. I love you both



I'm glad to see you are smiling through this all-I am sorry you have to go through it though.

Andréa Morrow said...

I always wondered what it was like getting an ng tube.. placing it on Tati was a pain, but I wish I knew how it felt so I could understand. i'm glad you're taking pics Justin!

Anonymous said...

To one tough girl, keep up the good fight. Our prayers are with you. Bro Kraus

Kim Miller said...

Hey lady...It's Kim Miller. I so badly wanted to come see you today. Once they got my release paperwork they got me out of their pretty quick. My first round went very well. No issues at all. I know you will do awesome. I love the picture...that just shows how awesome of a person you are and your strength. It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family the other day. We'll be in touch! Big hugs!

thearringtonclan said...

Hi there..
just wondering how you are fairing today.. Hope you have been able to relax and heal..
Mathew is actually off with a friend tonight to the movies! CRAZY or what?
You guys just amaze me at the way you take all of this and make the most of it.
Here's to proper food and "fluffs"..