Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update #4

Rendezvous! We had to wait a while to get Susan her own room. My parents, her parents and I passed the time playing too much sudoku and iPhone games. We just came up and have been chatting with a half drunk-like Susan :) She's very pleasant and smiley, stark contrast to this morning when she had lots of pain and no drugs. Now she has very little pain and lots of drugs. She's going to keep resting now, she's having a hard time keeping her eyes open. We saw the scars. It's pretty amazing, she has four little band aids covering all the tiny incisions.

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Kristin Hamblin said...

I am glad things went well. I had my gallbladder removed by laproscopy and the tiny incisions heal very quickly and with little scaring. Of course when your stomach is as white as mine, they don't stand out much. I hope you recover quickly and can get back home soon. Thanks for the updates Justin!