Friday, October 31, 2008

Update #12

If I could just wake Susan up maybe we could go walk around the floor, knock on other patients doors and trick-or-treat. But I can't wake her up. She was given Ativan last night to put her to sleep and it seems to be still working. All day she's been so tired, she struggels to even keep her eyes open..... Quite funny to watch actually. Her brother Mike stayed with her last night and he said the sleeping drugs that she was given had some weird side effects. She was having a lot of vivid dreams and a couple of times Mike found her at the edge of the bed (I think even out of her bed once) trying to escape, confused and unaware of where she was. As funny as that seems, it could have been dangerous and she could have hurt herself. It was probably a good thing Dr. Mike was with her last night because he's more familiar with the drugs and their side affect and how to deal with crazy patients.
Between naps today she also went on a few walks and was even able to get back into bed all by herself!


Jen said...

Maybe she was dreaming about Trick or Treating- The girl just wants candy!:)

I'm glad she is actually able to get sleep though.

Bonnie I said...

Justin and Susan

Sometimes I think they forget that drug dosages have to be adjusted by weight...sounds like you got a wopper of a sleeping drug Susan!
Wishing you continued improvement, less pain, more activity, and GAS, Fluff, cutting cheese, or whatever you want to call it.

thearringtonclan said...

those drugs are ...WHEW !!!!!
Justin. when do the think she will be able to leave? Is the NG tube still in or can she eat now?
We were hoping this was going to be a much faster recovery for her but when they "open up" NOT! Mathew was supposed to NOT be "opened up" BUT !
Anyway we are thinking of you daily. hourly.. Praying for you..